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Posts tagged "Property division"

Why is "community property" an important term in Arizona?

Couples in Arizona who are going through the divorce process are likely to encounter certain terms that are unfamiliar to them. After all, for many people their interactions with divorce court are the first time that they have ever had contact with the judicial system. So-called "legalese" can seem pervasive. One important term that will come up in any divorce in Arizona is "community property."

Property division includes debt division

When a couple in Arizona is going through a divorce, it can be very easy for either soon-to-be ex-spouse to focus on one particular issue, such as child custody or alimony. It is pretty much common knowledge that property will be divided between the couple in the divorce, so some people pay less attention to this topic. However, our readers would be doing so to their own detriment. Why? Well, it's because property division includes not only splitting up assets, but debt as well.

What do you need to know about property division in Arizona?

Most of our readers probably know the broad strokes involved in a divorce, but what they may not realize is that each state has their own specific state laws governing this type of legal scenario. Arizona, particularly, has a set of divorce laws that is somewhat different from the vast majority of other states in America. Arizona is what is known as a "community property" state, and that comes with some unique potential for complications.

A Tempe asset and debt division lawyer who cares

If you are just beginning the divorce process in Tempe, you may have questions about how your property will be distributed. Arizona is a community property state, a fact that strongly impacts how the property division will be handled. If you or your spouse has a pension or retirement plan, the division of this asset could add a degree of complexity to the property division.

A QDRO is valuable with retirement assets in a divorce

Arizona couples that have decided to end a marriage will have a multitude of concerns as the case moves forward. For couples who have retirement assets to worry about, it is important that the participants know everything they can about a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or QDRO. This is a tool in deciding how the couple will split the retirement assets.

Tips for seeing the big financial picture during your divorce

It’s a misconception to think that divorce involves only legal strategy. Our Arizona law firm recommends viewing divorce as a transition requiring both short-term and long-term planning. Accordingly, after filing a petition for divorce, we advise our clients to assess their lifestyle requirements while the case is pending.

Divorce advice for over 50 including community property issues

One psychologist has commented that, if later-in-life divorces were a disease, it would be declared a health crisis. While the divorce rate for the younger generations has declined in recent years, the rate for the so-called gray divorce has risen dramatically. For those who live in community property states, such as Arizona, there are some suggestions for how to survive such a divorce financially.

Thinking of divorce? Remember, home is where the mortgage is

Arizona couples who are going through a divorce may not realize that property division can be a very complicated process. Generally, property division laws in Arizona identify both the husband and wife as co-owners of anything purchased or earned during the marriage. This includes debt that was taken on during the marriage.

The rise of the Bitcoin could lead to new asset disclosure laws

It doesn’t matter whether you have been married for a year or twenty years, dividing assets during a divorce is often complicated. In fact, this can be one of the more contentious points when a couple is separating.

Celebrity couple starts a new divorce trend: conscious uncoupling

It seems like Hollywood is always setting the trends. If a celebrity is seen wearing a certain brand, you can be certain that fans will soon copy the look. When a new restaurant opens and celebrities are seen frequenting the establishment, you can bet that it will become a popular new spot. Similarly, when a celebrity couple publicizes their divorce process, the process they used can become the next big thing.


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