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A Well-Rounded Family Law Attorney

I'm Matthew Schultz, an Arizona attorney who has been exclusively devoted to family law since I commenced practicing law 10 years ago. As a solo practitioner, I personally handle every aspect of every case my firm accepts.


My experience was forged in the trenches from my first day of practice. At the first firm where I practiced, I was given a phone and a desk and told to start taking calls. In my first year, despite having no mentor to guide me, I successfully handled over 100 cases - an unusual amount for any one practitioner; and against seasoned family law practitioners. I finally left several years later to enhance my understanding of complex legal and procedural issues under the tutelage of a highly respected attorney and member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (an academy of the most elite family law attorneys in the United States). The experience was invaluable, allowing me to start my own practice with a vast wealth of knowledge and practical experience to handle the simplest to the most complex of family law issues whether custody or property related. That was many years ago, and my reputation for being able to successfully handle all types of cases is substantial.

In my now ten years of practice, I have represented clients from around the world with multi-million dollar businesses, complex international child custody issues, and highly contentious spouses bent on "taking the other spouse to the cleaners". I have argued cases against the best attorneys in the State and have consistently won. I don't care who the opposing attorney is. 


With a Bachelor's Degree in finance, a Masters of Business Administration with a finance emphasis and an LL.M. (post law master's degree) in taxation, I have valuable insights into the financial aspects of family law cases. When complex issues arise concerning the valuation of businesses, analyzing the income of a self-employed party for purposes of child support and spousal maintenance/alimony, and/or spotting hidden income or assets; I can effectively and efficiently research and argue the issues necessary to obtain a successful outcome for your case. At the same time, I have the common sense and experience that is absolutely necessary to litigate difficult custody and parenting time issues . I understand your problems because, like my clients, I too had to fight for my rights in an emotionally charged custody and financial case.

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