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The benefits of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Over time, people may have different feelings toward their partners. Therefore, Arizona residents who are planning on getting married may benefit from creating a prenuptial agreement. It will dictate what happens in the event that the marriage ends. One of the best reasons to have such an agreement is that it can be negotiated in a rational manner when both parties have a good relationship with each other.

Both parents need to be in a child's life

Even if a parent in Arizona has full custody of a child, he or she can't just cut the other parent out. Instead, it is that person's responsibility to make sure the child has relationships with both parents if it is safe. Failure to do so could lead to a judge rescinding an original custody order or otherwise modifying it.

Parenting together after a divorce

Parents in Phoenix who choose to divorce may wonder about how they can best forge a new co-parenting relationship with their former spouses. Their romantic relationship has come to an end and they have decided to separate, but in most cases, both parents are very driven to maintain their relationship with their children. The kids may be going back and forth from one home to another, and parents will continue to need to make decisions together even after their marriage is over.

Preparing for child custody hearings in Arizona

When divorcing parents in Arizona are unable to come to a mutually acceptable child custody agreement, the court steps in to make important decisions. Being as prepared as possible before and during the proceedings can help a parent ease their apprehension and present a compelling argument to the judge who will be determining such things as custody arrangements and visitation schedules. There is no secret for success during a hearing of this nature, but there are some common pieces of advice that can be helpful.

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