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Identifying hidden assets during divorce

There are many ways a person might discover that his or her spouse is hiding assets during a divorce in Arizona. This might be done because a spouse is trying to avoid sharing assets during the divorce, conceal an affair or both of these things. For example, one woman discovered that her husband was having an affair with a woman in another state. He had set up a separate entity there of a company he had in his home state. The company's address was the woman's apartment.

Why child support could be terminated

Parents in Arizona who are paying child support may have those payments terminated in the future. However, a paying parent is generally required to meet their support obligations until an order is modified or rescinded. For example, a child may become emancipated prior to his or her 18th birthday. Courts will consider the child's age and maturity level when deciding whether or not to grant such a request.

What are the most common causes of divorce?

Divorce is a common outcome of many marriages today. Most people, when they wed, probably think optimistically about their relationship and never consider the possibility of divorce. As we all know, however, it can happen to anyone. If you're considering divorce, you may feel as though you're alone.

Coping with visitation rights are denied.

When a parent is denied visitation in Arizona, this experience is almost always devastating. Whether the denial originates from the court or a bitter ex-spouse, it can prove equally difficult to bear. At the same time, it can be easier to seek redress from an embittered ex-spouse acting on their own and without judicial approval. This type of illegitimate action is far too common and far too devastating to family relationships.

What to do when you can't pay child support

"Deadbeat parents" is a common term thrown around in the media for anyone unable to afford their child support payments. But the reality is that most parents that are unable to meet their child support payments are not doing so out of neglect or ill will. In many cases, low-income parents in Arizona and across the country are simply unable to afford the child support payments required by the court.

Are you eligible for spousal support? How much will you get?

One of the most important aspects of any divorce is what this step will mean for your financial future. As you know, the end of a marriage will signal significant changes, and it is in your interests to pursue a settlement that allows you to protect your stability over the long term. One way you may need to do this is by seeking a fair spousal support order. 

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