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High-asset divorce and expert witnesses

Depending on the details, different divorces in Arizona require different strategies. Some high-asset separations may require going to court and seeking witnesses. These individuals are often deemed "experts" who can provide important testimony on a contested issue.

Addressing unique challenges involving cryptocurrency and divorce

Dividing assets during the divorce process is something that most Arizona family law attorneys deal with on a regular basis. However, they are facing a new issue. Cryptocurrency assets are presenting two specific challenges that throw a wrinkle into the equation during high-asset divorces.

Solving common co-parenting conflicts

Even when parents divorce on fairly amicable terms in Arizona, there's always the potential for co-parenting conflicts to arise. Disagreements sometimes involve differing parenting styles while other issues are more serious in nature. No matter what's at the heart of parenting conflicts, parents no longer living together as a legal couple are encouraged to keep the best interests of their children in mind.

Hurdles people face after a gray divorce

Individuals over the age of 50 in Arizona and throughout the country may be more likely to divorce than Americans in other age groups. While divorce can be challenging at any age, it can be especially challenging to do so later in life. For instance, there may be questions as to how to split a retirement account or when to claim Social Security benefits. In most cases, retirement accounts are treated as marital property.

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