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Parents can't always work together

Ideally, parents in Arizona and throughout the country will work together to raise their children after a divorce. However, this is not always possible. For example, if a parent has a substance abuse issue, it may be difficult for that person to be present or to behave in a consistent manner. If an individual has made threats against another person or an animal, it may not be possible for that person to be a good parent to a son or daughter.

Make financially beneficial decisions during divorce

Arizona residents going through divorce know that negotiating financial issues can be challenging. Because of the emotions that are involved in separating from a spouse, determining what to do with the family home, dealing with pressure from family members and handling issues related to child custody, it's easy for an individual to feel overwhelmed and to give in to despair. It is recommended that a person concentrate their energy on solving the problems are in front of them as opposed to allowing their emotions to dictate the decisions they make. This is especially true when discussing financial issues.

Facing the challenges associated with co-parenting

Divorce has offered some Arizona parents a fresh start in life. Even though it has its benefits, ex-spouses who share custody of their children may still experience challenges related to co-parenting. However, there are a few ways parents can face these challenges head-on.

Shared child custody gaining greater acceptance in family courts

Divorcing or separating parents in Arizona need to determine child custody. For much of the 20th century, family courts believed that children belonged with their mothers, and judges almost always granted full custody to mothers. Cultural changes in the past decades, however, have shifted views, and family courts increasingly expect both parents to pursue shared custody.

Dixie Chicks lead singer in prenuptial agreement fight

Arizona fans of the Dixie Chicks may not be aware of the personal drama going on behind the scenes involving the band's lead singer, Natalie Maines. The singer is in a contentious divorce with actor Adrian Pasdar. The singer wants the prenuptial agreement that was signed before the marriage to be put into place and declared valid so the divorce process can be completed at a faster pace.

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