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Mistakes for divorced parents of teens to avoid

Divorced parents in Arizona who may have co-parented successfully for years might face new challenges as their children become teens. Parents may make the mistake of taking a more hands-off approach to their child and one another under the assumption that the teen is mature and responsible. While this is sometimes true, teens still need monitoring and guidance.

Selling or keeping the family home in divorce

If one person in Arizona hopes to keep the home in a divorce, that person should treat the process with the same diligence that would be used in purchasing a new home. Emotional reasons, especially if there are children, often influence this decision, but it is important to make sure it is a good financial move.

When kids are involved in a divorce, they come first

Arizona divorces come in all shapes and sizes. Some marriages fail in the early years, some do not survive after several decades of union. While the ultimate reason why divorce proceedings are initiated may be as unique as the couple involved, at some point, the conclusion is reached that the two are better off apart than together. The dynamics of how the two handle this life-changing decision is severely tested when children are part of the equation. They are the most vulnerable and need the most protection.

Addressing the issues that could be unique to a second divorce

Going through the end of a marriage can be a stressful and daunting experience. Even if this is your second or third marriage, should you and your spouse decide to part ways, the subsequent process can still be difficult to prepare for, regardless of whether you have been here before.

Life and health insurance in a divorce

Arizona couples who are getting a divorce should make sure they do not neglect insurance issues. First, if one person is covered under the other person's employer-sponsored health insurance, it might be necessary to seek a new plan. While it is possible to extend coverage on the employer's plan through COBRA for up to three years, this may be the most expensive option. The person playing the premium has to pay the employer's share as well as an administrative fee. Furthermore, this is still a temporary solution at best.

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