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Necessary documents for child custody hearings

During child custody hearings in Arizona, the family court judge has to determine what type of child custody arrangement is best for the children. Parents who have to attend such hearings should make sure that they submit the necessary documents with their petitions to the court to best prove their case. They should also bring copies of these documents to the hearings.

Scenarios in which parenting plan modifications may be necessary

As a parent, your primary focus likely includes taking every possible measure to protect the interests of your kids. If you and the other parent are no longer married, you likely placed a significant portion of your focus on reaching an acceptable parenting plan with their needs at heart during your divorce.

The deadbeat label shouldn't apply to everyone

Parents in Arizona who fall behind on child support payments may not be doing so on purpose. However, they may still be labeled a deadbeat by the state or by others who don't fully understand why they aren't keeping up with their financial obligations. It is important to note that individuals of either gender could fail to make child support payments or otherwise make an effort to raise their children.

How to co-parent after a divorce

Even after divorce, Arizona parents of minor children generally must maintain a co-parenting relationship. This can be challenging, but it is important to the well-being of their children that they try to avoid conflict. Some parents may struggle to communicate after a divorce, so they might settle on a method that does not require them to talk to each other, such as email or text. There are also online tools that parents can use for scheduling and other custody and visitation-related communication. Children should never be used to carry messages back and forth.

Separate bank accounts offer little protection in a divorce

Opening a joint bank account was once something couples did as a matter of course shortly after getting married, but almost one in three married millennial couples in Arizona and around the country prefer to keep their money in separate accounts. Young people often do this because they believe that keeping their finances separate will protect them in a divorce, but this is rarely the way things work out in the real world.

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