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Some spouses are not forthcoming about marital assets

Individuals going through a divorce in Arizona may be missing out on information that could impact the financial outcome of their divorce. It has long been the stereotype that it is the man who is interested in hiding financial assets away from his wife in a divorce. However, those old assumptions do not necessarily hold true in modern society. Many wives earn as much or more money than their husbands. In a number of marriages, the wife is the one who is primarily responsible for the finances, so she has greater opportunities to hide resources in the months that lead up to a divorce.

Hiding assets in divorce is illegal. Do you suspect your spouse?

The decision to divorce is a personal issue that typically doesn't come lightly. If you have decided to sever marital ties in court, you likely understood ahead of time that you would have to resolve certain matters pertaining to property division and, perhaps, child custody, if you're a parent.

DNA testing to establish paternity in Arizona

Judges in Arizona and around the country will generally rely on DNA evidence to determine paternity, as the results of these tests are incredibly accurate. DNA tests are usually ordered to identify the biological father of a child in child support cases, but they may also provide crucial evidence when fathers are seeking custody or visitation rights. When alleged fathers in Arizona refuse to cooperate by providing a tissue sample for DNA testing, the Office of the Attorney General may get involved to compel them to do so.

When one spouse wants to keep the home in a divorce

When Arizona couples get a divorce, one person might want to keep the family home. This could be because the parent wants the children to be able to go on living in the house instead of dealing with the upheaval of living in a new place. It could simply be because the person is attached to the house. However, it is important to make sure that the other spouse is agreeable to being bought out and that keeping the home is affordable.

Arizona divorce: Marital problems that often prompt it

If you browse current self-help book lists, you'd likely find hundreds, if not thousands of choices related to marriage. No two Arizona married couples have exactly the same relationships, but many spouses can relate to other people's experiences. You may have a relative, friend or co-worker who has recently gone through or is currently preparing for divorce. If you talk to them about their situations, you may find that certain issues were problem factors in their marriages.

Non-custodial parents should track support payments

In situations where people are co-parenting children in Arizona, the non-custodial parent is likely to be granted generous visitation rights. The non-custodial parent should pay attention to the details of the visitation schedule and follow it closely. He or she should also keep up with and track child support payments and keep the best interests of the child as the main priority.

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