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Dads often feel shortchanged in custody determinations

It's all but stereotypical to assume that a divorced father will be automatically awarded less than 50% of custody and forced to pay what he believes is an unreasonable child support payment. Yet many men feel exactly that way. However, many divorced Arizona women also complain that the court is unfair in its determinations. Perhaps the lesson to be learned from this seeming contradiction is to understand how the system works and, even more importantly, consider what doesn't work.

Legal rights of unmarried fathers

Many Arizona fathers may be concerned about their rights to their children, especially if they are not married to the mother and never were. In many cases, unmarried fathers remain in a committed partnership with the mother of the child; they simply choose not to marry. Statistics show that around 40% of all kids are born to parents that are not married. In other cases, the parents have ended their romantic relationship but co-parent the child like a divorced couple. However, when no marriage exists, fathers may have to take additional steps in order to protect their rights and ensure that the parent-child relationship is enshrined in law.

Headed for a child custody hearing? Be prepared

An often-unfortunate aspect of divorce is that it can spark disagreements between parents regarding the best interests of their children. Like most good parents in Arizona and beyond, you want what's best for your kids and it's understandable that you are confident in determining it. If your divorce is going to include child custody litigation, however, it likely means your ex disagrees with your assessment.

Cryptocurrency presents challenges during divorce proceedings

Cryptocurrency emerged as a new form of asset in 2009 with the development of Bitcoin. This digital currency often creates difficulties during divorces. Cryptocurrency by its design can be hard to trace, which forms an opportunity for a spouse in Arizona to hide the asset. The values of various cryptocurrencies fluctuate as well. Pinning down the value of a cryptocurrency asset for the purposes of the divorce settlement can be challenging.

Cooperation important in joint parenting plans

Going through a divorce in Arizona is one of the most stressful things that can happen in a person's life. It can be taxing physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially. In cases where there are children involved, the strain can be even worse. For parents who are willing and able to work together, though, it may be possible to create a joint parenting schedule that works for all the parties involved, parents and children. When creating a joint parenting schedule, it's important to empathize with the child's position, consider logistics and focus on the best interests of the child.

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