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Co-parenting and vacations

It’s the time of year that kids tend to get antsy at school. With the beautiful weather, who can blame them for wanting to be outside? With summer vacations close at hand, all parents are making arrangements for their children at summer daycare, classes, and vacations.

Handling custody interference issues

When you separated from your spouse, you likely attempted to create some type of custody agreement if the two of you had children. After a judge finalizes any type of custody agreement, it becomes legally binding and both parties must hold to the provisions handed down in it. Custody interference is any violation of the guidelines of the visitation or custody rules by either you or your ex-spouse.

Tax issues in divorce

At the end of a marriage, it can be useful to consider the tax implications of the pending divorce, especially for individuals with high amounts of valuable assets to divide. If a person fails to understand how taxes affect the division of property, real estate and retirement accounts, he or she is less likely to have a surprise tax bill waiting once the divorce becomes final. By following proper procedures and timelines, a person can minimize the tax burden of splitting assets with a spouse.

Getting your child support modified may be possible

At times, a child support arrangement that the court previously ordered proves to be unfeasible. After all, life is unpredictable, so you may have lost your job or suffered a serious injury that has prevented you from being able to continue with your current payments.

The basics of child custody in Arizona

You are getting ready to file for divorce, but you have children to consider and have concerns about how parenting time will end up working out. That is okay. Worrying about child custody is certainly normal for any parent in Arizona or elsewhere who is in your exact same shoes.

First step in getting a divorce? Actually filing for one

The thought of getting divorced can understandably be confusing and stressful. After all, during a divorce, you and your spouse are essentially untangling your lives both emotionally and financially. The more strongly your lives intertwine, and the longer they are intertwined, the more difficult the process can be.

Spousal maintenance may keep you financially strong post-divorce

The dissolution of a marriage is never an easy process to navigate due to the financial and emotional challenges involved. During the process of divorce, one of the biggest areas of contention involves determining if one spouse should have to pay alimony to the other one.

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