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Proactive steps to make divorces less painful

When couples in Arizona decide that they want to get divorced, it is important for them to take proactive steps to make the process less painful. With careful planning, spouses might be able to reduce the financial and emotional costs that divorce can bring.

How do you cope with a divorce during the holiday season?

While most people in Arizona are getting into the "holiday spirit," there are some people who may be having a more difficult time than others - those who are going through a divorce during the holiday season. A recent article, acknowledging the difficulty that some people may experience at this time, attempted to help those individuals with a specific question: How do you cope with a divorce during the holiday season?

Can science predict who will get a divorce?

Studying a social compact as significant as marriage has long been a favorite pastime of sociologists and psychologists. The intimate, personal relationship between a husband and wife can be fertile ground for getting a read on how the human mind works. But, can science predict which married couples will ultimately get a divorce? According to the data compiled by various researchers, the answer may be "yes."

What to expect in a high-asset divorce in Arizona

We all face situations in life when we might have unrealistic expectations about what is going to occur. Sometimes, the best we can do is "hope for the best and prepare for the worst," as the old saying goes. But, no one wants to go into something as serious as a high-asset divorce with nothing but hope to count on. The right information is crucial in order to attempt to ensure that you achieve your goals in the divorce process.

Avoid financial mistakes in a high-asset divorce

When Arizona residents are in the process of getting a divorce, they don't want to make any financial missteps that could prove to be extremely costly down the line. Yes, the family law courts seek to provide fairness in their rulings, but there are times when the parties themselves may be making mistakes that the court doesn't need to correct or doesn't have the information to correct.

The impact of divorce on retirement plans

For many Arizona couples who are going through a divorce, particularly a high-asset divorce, retirement accounts usually aren't that high on the priority list when it comes to assets at issue. Why not? Well, for many of these couples, there are more pressing concerns, such as what will become of the family home, or child custody and support. However, couples should not overlook the value of retirement accounts, and, as a recent article noted, couples should do their best to seek to preserve the funds in these accounts.

Reaching a property settlement agreement in a high-asset divorce

For some couples who are going through a divorce, the idea that they could agree to anything might seem laughable. After all, if they could be agreeable with each other they wouldn't be going through a divorce, right? Well, our readers may be surprised to find out that not every court case goes to trial, as television shows might lead us to believe. In fact, many couples who are going through a divorce actually find that it is preferable to agree to as many details in the divorce out-of-court as possible. But still, one of the trickiest areas for a divorcing couple to reach an agreement on is property division, especially in a high-asset divorce.

What documents will you need in a high-asset divorce?

If there is one thing that most Arizona residents equate with the legal system, it is probably paperwork. After all, one of the most important aspects of the court system is to document and track what occurs in legal cases. And, probably one the most common types of cases that Arizona residents will be a part of is a divorce case. So, what types of documents will Arizona residents need to track down when they are part of a divorce, particularly a high-asset divorce?

Avoiding stress and exhaustion in a high-asset divorce

When Arizona residents are going through a divorce, stress levels can be high. This may be especially true in a high-asset divorce. After all, a divorce may signal the end of a marriage that has lasted for years, or it may involve potentially painful issues like who will get custody of the children or complex asset division. The divorce process can leave Arizona residents exhausted before it is even completed.

High-profile couple reaches divorce settlement

Whenever a high-asset couple in Arizona heads for divorce court, asset division is complex and ripe for dispute. Why? Much of the couple's wealth is tied-up in complex investments. This can be anything from bank accounts and brokerage accounts, to high-end cars and real estate. All of this marital property must be appraised and sometimes, sold off in the property division process. One high-profile couple provides an example of how the property division in a high-asset divorce could be handled.

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