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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Child custody decision affects your relationship with your kids

When a married couple makes the decision to begin a family and have children, it is a huge step. The family dynamics will change forever, and family finances will be significantly impacted as well. So, logic dictates that when a divorce occurs, issues regarding the children will be some of the most important topics to address. That includes the child custody arrangement.

Factors considered in a child custody dispute

For many people in Arizona who are going through a divorce, the issue of child custody can be the most nerve-racking. Every parent wants what is best for their child, and, in a divorce, each parent likely thinks that they are the best one to take care of the child and make important decisions - not their soon-to-be ex-spouse. So, when it comes to child custody disputes in Arizona, it is important to know what factors the court will take into consideration when making an ultimate decision on the issue.

Working toward a fair child custody arrangement

Of all of the issues that can arise in a divorce in Arizona, child custody has the potential to become the most contentious of all. No matter how irretrievably a marriage breaks down, when children are involved one thing is usually clear: both soon-to-be ex-spouses love their children very much and want to be there for them. While this is obviously highly admirable, nonetheless life after divorce will be very different, both for the spouses and for the children.

When can I ask for supervised visitation?

Many residents of Tempe and other parts of the Phoenix metro area who follow the trends in family law at all may realize that, these days, courts and family law experts favor setups where two parents who are living in separate households share parenting time as much as they possibly can. This trend may give some parents in the middle of child custody cases pause to ask for supervised visitation, even if they have good grounds to do so, simply because they do not want to look bad in front of the court.

Understanding Arizona laws for child custody

Child custody can be a contentious issue in Arizona and led to major problems between the parents. If the couple is no longer together and in a relationship, it stands to reason that, there will be differences between the parties. Unfortunately, that often extends to handling the children. One issue that comes up has to do with legal decision-making. Understanding the laws when it comes to custody and decision-making is essential.

Study finds kids should spend time with both divorced parents

Divorcing parents likely have a number of concerns to consider including what type of child custody arrangement will be best for their children. The family law court focuses on achieving what is in the best interests of the child in all circumstances related to child custody and when children are part of a divorce. Parents may wonder if it is best for the children to remain with their mother or share time equally with both parents.

How to best handle your divorce when children are involved

A divorce is seldom a straightforward procedure, even when the circumstances seem simple. For couples with one or more children, however, a divorce settlement can become quite complicated. Children are not an asset to be divided 50-50 or given to one partner or the other. They are a life-long responsibility for both parents and their best interests are a priority.

NBA All-Star seeks sole child custody

When many Arizona couples divorce, they find ways to share custody and allow both parents to continue to be involved in the children's lives. However, for some reason or another, some parents file for sole custody. They might think that the other parent is not a fit mother or father. Perhaps one parent refuses to work and earn money to support the child, or maybe the parent lives a partying lifestyle and allowing him or her to raise the child would be detrimental to the child. NBA star Paul George is asking for sole child custody of his baby daughter with limited parenting time for the baby's mother -- if his paternity is confirmed.

Should a parent unable to fulfill custody agreement be arrested?

Whether in Arizona or another state, when it comes to child custody agreements, parents should understand that the agreements need to be followed. If the father is supposed to share custody with the mother, he needs to make sure that the schedule is followed. If the mother has sole custody but the father can see the children on certain holidays, she needs to drop the kids off per the arrangement.


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