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The rise of the Bitcoin could lead to new asset disclosure laws

It doesn’t matter whether you have been married for a year or twenty years, dividing assets during a divorce is often complicated. In fact, this can be one of the more contentious points when a couple is separating.

Celebrity couple starts a new divorce trend: conscious uncoupling

It seems like Hollywood is always setting the trends. If a celebrity is seen wearing a certain brand, you can be certain that fans will soon copy the look. When a new restaurant opens and celebrities are seen frequenting the establishment, you can bet that it will become a popular new spot. Similarly, when a celebrity couple publicizes their divorce process, the process they used can become the next big thing.

Ways to make property division a bit less complicated

The decision to get a divorce is not often an easy one. It’s an emotional decision for many, and one that will have many different implications. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the process but there are a few ways to help make things a little less complicated.

The economy and divorce: splitting a business

Who would have thought that an increase in divorce rates could be tied to an economic recovery? For many, the decision to get a divorce requires consideration of much more than just the desire to legally separate from a spouse. Not only are there personal implications but financial ones as well.

Postnup could prevent regret among stay-at-home parents

It is almost a miracle when a family can manage to have one parent serve as a stay-at-home parent to raise the kids. So many men and women have crazy debt to pay off and/or don't earn enough at their jobs to make it by with a one-income household.

Study shows divorce contagious, but also remarriage, part 2

In our previous post we shared the finding that divorce might be "contagious," according to a long-term study. Basically, those who have friends, family or friends of friends and family who get divorced are more likely to consider and get divorced themselves.

Study shows divorce contagious, but also remarriage, part 1

Do you have a divorced friend or family member? Chances are that you do, though that depends on where you come from and your background. Based on the findings of a Brown University study, if you do know someone who's divorced, then you might be divorced as well.

Secret shopping costs people money -- and their marriages

It isn't just overly dramatic events such as extramarital affairs that can lead to divorce. The everyday habits and the damage those habits can have in the long-term can take a tremendous toll on marriages in Arizona and throughout the world.

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