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Study shows divorce contagious, but also remarriage, part 2

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2013 | Property Division |

In our previous post we shared the finding that divorce might be “contagious,” according to a long-term study. Basically, those who have friends, family or friends of friends and family who get divorced are more likely to consider and get divorced themselves.

Researchers didn’t pinpoint the reason behind the apparent contagious nature of divorce. Based on a peripheral finding of the study, one can see that disbelief in marriage is not the cause of all splits. Why is that clear? Because people got married again, sometimes soon, after divorce.

We thought it was valuable to focus on that point of the research because remarriage comes with its own important family law factors such as property division. For example, if parties who are remarrying have children from their previous marriages, they will want to consider how to protect their assets in order for their children to inherit the money.

The research shows that a prenuptial agreement might be beneficial for both remarrying parties, as those who were divorced in the study were more likely to marry someone who has been divorced, too. Protecting their assets for their children should be a priority. Also, those who are marrying again and know what divorce is like might also tend to create a contract to try to protect their individual financial security should divorce happen again.

Someone who is considering whether to file for divorce in Arizona can get more clarity about the process by talking to a family law attorney in the state. Also, someone who is thinking about remarriage could discuss how to protect their best interests and the best interests of their children with a divorce lawyer.

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