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Providing Aggressive Representation For High-Conflict Cases

Divorce is an emotional process for everyone involved. Parties in a divorce have long histories together. Sometimes, events that took place over the course of a marriage can lead to high levels of conflict and distrust during a divorce. In some instances, this conflict cannot be avoided.

If you believe this describes your situation, you will require the services of a divorce lawyer who will do what is necessary within the law to protect your interests. I am attorney Matthew Schultz, and I can provide the aggressive representation that is necessary in these cases.

Of all the potential grounds for conflict in a divorce proceeding, child custody and visitation is probably the issue that is most likely to lead to serious, contentious disagreements. With this said, it is important to make sure children are protected as much as possible from the conflicts that occur during the divorce process. I am sensitive to this concern.

Child custody orders and parenting plans must, by law, reflect the best interests of the child. In order to determine the best interests of the child, it may be necessary to closely examine and analyze all the relevant factors. These factors could include:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Mental health issues
  • Sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • Damaging lifestyle choices and new relationships
  • One parent’s efforts to alienate the child from the other

In divorce cases with high levels of conflict over child custody, the courts may appoint a child custody evaluator to make a recommendation about child custody and visitation arrangements. These evaluations are made by a psychologist, and can be a crucial part of how the court determines child custody. I have substantial experience helping parents prepare for these evaluations in order to make the most favorable true impression.

Protecting Your Financial and Property Interests

Financial issues such as property and debt division, child support and spousal support can also play a role in high-conflict divorce cases, especially when one of the parties is not being honest and cooperative about his or her income or assets.

I will carefully assess your situation based on an independent investigation of the facts and explain how the law applies to your case

In cases where each party has made a complete disclosure of all assets and debts, it may still be possible to achieve a settlement out of court, even when there has been a lot of conflict in the process. This is mainly because courts have discretion when distributing marital property; and it is difficult to gauge how a court will rule beforehand. However, these cases do often end up in court. I use tough negotiating skills and aggressive courtroom tactics to pursue the best possible results for my clients in high-conflict divorce cases.

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