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Sometimes judges make mistakes in family law cases. Whether you believe a judge was unfair in determining your child custody order or failed to consider important factors when ordering spousal maintenance payments, it is important to talk to a lawyer quickly.

At my firm, Law Offices of Matthew S. Schultz, in Tempe, Arizona, I provide aggressive legal guidance for individuals who are victims of errors in family law judgments. I know that judges are not infallible, and when they make mistakes, I can help you appeal them.

I have won every family law appeal I have handled. You can trust me to fight for you.

History Of Success Challenging Wrongful Or Unfair Decisions

When you believe a judge made an error in your family law matter, you can appeal the decision. Appealing a judgment, however, is rarely easy, which is why it is very important to work with an attorney who understands the process and is aggressive enough to pursue a fair outcome.

I am among few lawyers in the Tempe and Phoenix areas who have extensive experience appealing family law decisions — and I have never lost an appeal. When you work with me, I will strive to prove that the judge in your case abused his or her discretion when issuing a ruling.

The Appeals Process

The process of appealing a family law decision is different from other family law processes you may have gone through. There will be no calling of witnesses and no trial. In many cases, I will not even present an oral argument on your behalf. Instead, I will go through the following steps when appealing your decision:

  • Obtain a copy of the case transcript and the judge’s decision
  • Research the relevant appellate laws and interpret them based on your case
  • Determine where the judge made a mistake and how the judge should have ruled based on the evidence presented
  • File the appeal and other related documents

The appeals process can be complicated. As your attorney, I will take the time to carefully explain the law, your appellate rights and the facts of your case in a straightforward way so you know what to expect.

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A mistake in your family law decision is frustrating and infuriating. I will fight to right the wrong that you have been forced to endure. Contact me online, or call my office at 480-730-5400 to schedule a consultation to discuss your appeal.