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Client Testimonials

“Matt was recommended by a friend after two other attorneys could not understand or appreciate the contentious, complicated nature of my family court case. For two years, I battled my ex over her alcoholism, drug use and mental health issues and the danger she repeatedly put our children in as a result. I got nowhere. Then I hired Matt. He quickly understood this complicated case and put us on a new course, diligently getting past medical records, getting court-ordered drug testing, and pursuing all avenues to both ensure the safety of my children and to develop the history needed to get me sole legal decision-making over my children and supervised visits for my ex. He did this in less than one year after I hired him. My case is ongoing; my challenges seem daily — and Matt continues to be diligent in ensuring my children are protected. He has never wavered in his legal support and responsiveness. I highly recommend Matt.”

“I admit, I have been through a few attorneys in my years and am somewhat a real pain to deal with. Matt has been with us for well over seven years and I really couldn’t recommend anyone else but him. I have seen lawyers come from the opposing side (many) and continue to count my blessings having Matt represent us. He is knowledgeable, aggressive and experienced and will tell you his honest opinion, even if you don’t like it. I really can’t say enough amazing things about him and it is true … we have been to court well over 20 times in the past seven years. Matt continues to prevail on issues of great importance to us! I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

“Mr. Schultz is a professional through and through. I hired him to represent me in my divorce case. Although he came onto the case in the middle of it, he took control and with professionalism, skill and focus, he denominated opposing counsel. Mr. Schultz is worth every penny and more. If I had to do it all over, I would hire him without a second thought.”

“Matt was brilliant! He is highly organized, available at all hours and honest. He doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you can actually win reasonably, and that goes a long way in being forthcoming about a case and your chances to win, which saves you money.”

“Matt was amazing! We appreciated how quick he was to get us in for a consult. He’s extremely educated on family law and was able to read and understand our parent agreement that was previously issued. He kept us informed throughout the whole process and made sure he was available 24 hours for any questions or concerns we had. He followed up promptly, which was very reassuring. He was even able to get our court fees paid! I’ve already referred him to three co-workers and they loved how he consulted with them over the phone and provided advice that was helpful.”