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Family disputes are serious matters that can result in financial harm and personal distress to the parties involved. While some cases can be resolved amicably, it is often necessary to retain an aggressive lawyer in order to make sure your rights are being protected.

I’m Arizona family law attorney Matthew Schultz, and I put my clients’ interests first. As a solo practitioner, I take a hands-on approach to every case my firm accepts, determining what needs to be done to get the results my clients want and need.

  • Divorce: I will aggressively assert your rights throughout every stage of the divorce process, as well as any post-divorce actions for modification or enforcement of the divorce decree that may become necessary. Whether simple or complex, your case will be handled efficiently and effectively.
  • Child Custody and Visitation: I vigorously represent parents’ interests in child custody and parenting time disputes, as well as parent and child relocation cases, interstate custody disputes and international child abduction cases. Custody and visitation is the most litigated issue, and one which requires quick action. I make myself available to see clients within 24 hours from the first phone call.
  • Property and Debt Division: With my strong financial background, I have the analytical skills to vigorously protect your interests in the division of community property; and I have the experience and knowledge to address other areas of law that may effect the division (for example family trusts or a bankruptcy).
  • Child Support: Whether you are going through a divorce or paternity case, I can help you seek a fair determination of the appropriate child support payment. Although Arizona uses a formula to calculate support, there is room for abuse and manipulation of the figures. In many cases, having the assistance of any attorney can make the difference between hundreds or thousands of dollars. I have seen the tricks.
  • Alimony / Spousal Support: In some divorce cases, the courts will award alimony to one party. Alimony awards can vary greatly in both amount and duration because of the myriad of factors that our courts examine. It is imperative to prepare the proper spousal maintenance case – a task that I spend an overabundance of time analyzing and researching in every case I handle.
  • Domestic Violence: It is not uncommon for one or both parties to seek domestic violence protective orders during divorce and family law cases. I can explain your options to protect yourself and your children; or properly defend against false claims when Orders of Protection are being used as leverage in a custody action. I understand that these are time sensitive issues; and I am available nights and weekends to discuss your options.
  • Paternity: Unmarried parents may need to go to court before they can have any rights to parenting time or child support. In some cases, you may have rights without having to seek any court orders, while in others, the opposing party may be immune from the laws of our State. I can help you navigate through what can be complex jurisdictional laws in paternity cases. I have represented individuals from almost every state in the country, and can help you
  • High-Conflict Cases: Approximately 10% of the divorcing population can be identified as having a high-conflict divorce. Within that group another 10% or 1% of the total divorcing population is in ongoing high-conflict that will likely never change. I have a reputation for taking on these minority of cases; and they are a regular part of my practice. If you need an attorney to counter an unrelenting spouse or his/her ruthless lawyer, call me. It doesn’t matter who is making your life miserable, I have seen many unique situations that can be viewed as hopeless; and have found effective ways to resolve looming or ongoing problems. Call me to discuss your conflict. .
  • Complex Assets and Valuations: My strong financial background in finance and taxation enables me to interpret complex financial statements and other financial documents to assure that we achieve a proper valuation for a business, a hard to value asset such as a piece of artwork or a collection, or any other complex asset. I have a team of analysts that I work with that conduct the evaluations or to review the opposing party’s valuation to assure a balance of fairness and equity.

When you retain me to handle your family law case, I will carefully go over the facts with you, help you identify your goals and then strategically pursue those goals through the legal system. Contact me to learn more about your options.