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Skillfully Protecting Your Rights In A Complex Divorce

Arizona is a community property state, which means that all property and debt acquired during a marriage is owned by the community, not the individual spouses.

Community debt and property is subject to division when a couple chooses to divorce. It is often the case that the more assets and property owned by the community, the more complicated its division, especially if an individual spouse attempts to hide the existence or value of property in hopes that it won’t be classified as community property.

Achieving an equitable divorce settlement in this situation requires the expertise and assistance of an attorney. To arrange a consultation to discuss your high-asset divorce, contact me, a Tempe lawyer, today.

The Experience To Assist With Complicated Property And Asset Division

High-asset divorces may implicate several varieties of assets and property for inclusion as community property, including:

  • Several family homes, vacation homes and time shares
  • Investment real estate such as rental properties and hotels
  • Luxury vehicles, jewelry, art and antiques
  • Family-owned businesses and partnership interests
  • Corporate compensation and severance packages
  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Financial accounts
  • Stocks and mutual funds
  • Intellectual property

A high-asset divorce involving a couple with such assets that are often highly valued brings forth an entirely different set of issues and problems that require a specific skill set.

I have an undergraduate degree in finance and an MBA with an emphasis in finance. I also worked with a finance company and earned a post law master’s degree in taxation after completing law school. Most attorneys do not have such broad qualifications. My unique background enables me to provide an unparalleled level of assistance in property and debt division in high-asset divorces. I can assist with characterization, valuation, division and discovery of hidden assets through evaluation of financial documents and offshore activity.

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