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After presents are opened and ball drops, why do marriages end?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2013 | Child Custody |

Did you know that January has taken on an unofficial nickname? “Divorce month” is just weeks away, with holiday celebrations to look forward to (or dread) between now and then.

Holidays can be an emotional time of year, both in positive and negative ways. For some, it is all happy, with family coming to Arizona from out of town and the spirit of hope filling their hearts. Holidays can also bring about stress. People tend to take stock of their lives and happiness. “Is this what I want for myself and my family?” many might ask themselves as the New Year arrives.

That question might be a large contributor to the trend of an increase in divorce filings in January. It is the month with the most divorce filings out of the entire year. That means that today, it is likely that there are many men and women in marriages who are celebrating this holiday season while knowing it will be the last one like it.

It can be an especially emotional reality to live with for those with kids. Obviously, divorce doesn’t just change things between spouses; it changes things quite drastically for kids. Splitting up with kids in the mix necessitates child custody arrangements. Not knowing for sure who will have the kids next Christmas can put a lump in the most brave parents’ throats.

No one has ever said that divorce is easy. Marriage isn’t easy, either, particularly if it is an unhappy or unhealthy marriage. Deciding what is in the best interest of the family’s future is a totally personal choice. For those who are contemplating divorce this holiday season, a family law attorney can discuss the process and clarify any matters in order to help someone determine his or her next best step.

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