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Should shared parenting spread among Arizona divorce cases?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2014 | Child Custody |

Probably the most sensitive aspect of all divorce cases involving children is child custody. Parents, as well as the Arizona courts, want to their best to protect the well-being of children during the process of divorce as well as their futures.

Some states are faced with proposals related to changing child custody tradition. The norm in many Arizona divorces and other state splits is for child custody arrangements to be somewhat lopsided for one parent. For example, maybe one parent has a child every other weekend while the other has him the rest of the time.

Is that about to change?

Some people want to see fewer lopsided custody arrangements. They are fighting for shared parenting plans to become the common custody setups in their states. It is up for states to determine whether shared parenting is in the overall best interests of children.

Supporters of making shared parenting a family law priority believe that 50/50 time arrangements between parents is best for kids of divorce. Knowing both parents and having more consistent contact with both could be the healthiest setup for the kids and families overall.

No matter the specific state custody guidelines and laws, every family and divorce case is different. What is best for one family and child might not be best for all. In Arizona, the courts want to know what the kids want. But they also need to know the truth about a family, including how stable and reliable the parents are. Decisions are made based on various factors.

An Arizona divorce lawyer is crucial during a parent’s process of trying to secure a custody arrangement that is best for the family.


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