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A Tempe asset and debt division lawyer who cares

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Property Division |

If you are just beginning the divorce process in Tempe, you may have questions about how your property will be distributed. Arizona is a community property state, a fact that strongly impacts how the property division will be handled. If you or your spouse has a pension or retirement plan, the division of this asset could add a degree of complexity to the property division.

Not long ago we told you about how a Qualified Domestic Relations Order can be used to integrate a retirement plan into a property division. The use of a QDRO provides an element of flexibility to couples hammering out a property division agreement. Many spouses have found that the assistance of an asset and debt division lawyer is a worthwhile investment when trying to navigate the property division process.

Property division is simply one of the many family law areas that attorney Matthew M. Schultz focuses on in his practice. His emphasis is on establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with his valued clients. He never forgets how important each case is to the client dealing with it. He is not afraid to go to bat for clients, both in negotiations and in court, always fighting for the property division his clients deserve.

Mr. Schultz is committed to maintaining communication with his clients while their cases are pending. If a spouse has concerns regarding the division of their property, they should know they have the option of setting up an initial consultation with Mr. Schultz to discuss their options. For more information about the services provided by our law firm, please check out the property division page on our website.