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Working toward a fair child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Child Custody |

Of all of the issues that can arise in a divorce in Arizona, child custody has the potential to become the most contentious of all. No matter how irretrievably a marriage breaks down, when children are involved one thing is usually clear: both soon-to-be ex-spouses love their children very much and want to be there for them. While this is obviously highly admirable, nonetheless life after divorce will be very different, both for the spouses and for the children.

In many cases, the parents can temporarily put aside their many differences regarding their relationship to try to come to terms on what is best for the children. If the parents are able to work out a child custody agreement that both can agree to, this may be the best route. The court can then approve the agreement that the parties have worked out, and move on to the other divorce issues that need to be addressed.

Unfortunately, sometimes the differences between the parents are so great that there is no chance of getting them to sit down together and try to craft a child custody plan. In these cases, it may be necessary to present facts and evidence to the court, and then wait for the court to make a decision on what child custody arrangement will be best for the children.

At our law firm, we have seen cases that have gone both directions. No matter what route the divorce ultimately goes, we do our best to work with our clients to achieve an appropriate result. If courtroom litigation is what it will take to try to get our clients the results they want, we will work hard to achieve that goal. For more information on child custody issues, please visit our website.