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Can science predict who will get a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | High-Asset Divorce |

Studying a social compact as significant as marriage has long been a favorite pastime of sociologists and psychologists. The intimate, personal relationship between a husband and wife can be fertile ground for getting a read on how the human mind works. But, can science predict which married couples will ultimately get a divorce? According to the data compiled by various researchers, the answer may be “yes.”

A recent article noted some of the factors that could foretell a troubled marriage. Some seem logical, while others seem somewhat random. For instance, the recent article indicated that there may be a prime age range to get married. The data reportedly shows that marriages that begin when the newlyweds are in their teens or over the age of 32 are more likely to end in divorce. So, apparently the 20’s are the right time to get married and stay that way, according to scientific analysis of the data.

Education can also play a role. The report noted that the data says that those who do not finish high school are more likely to see their marriages end in divorce. The logical connection here is simple: money. A higher level of education will usually lead to a higher income. More money available likely means less fighting between spouses over the finances.

Lastly, one major predictor of divorce that the recent article notes is withdrawing when there is a conflict in the relationship. Obviously, if a partnership as important as a married couple can’t find a way to resolve conflicts, divorce could be the result.

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