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The rich take a different approach to divorce

by | Jan 16, 2019 | High-Asset Divorce |

Jeff Bezos and his wife had assets worth about $137 billion at the time that they announced their divorce. Therefore, their divorce is going to look different than the ones most Arizona residents might go through. The most important question that will need to be answered is how the couple will divide their joint assets. In Washington, they are divided 50/50, which means that each would walk away with about $65 billion.

That assumes that there was no agreement entered into before the divorce took place. However, reports indicate that there was no prenuptial agreement and that is not clear if any postnuptial agreement was created. While there were rumors that Jeff Bezos was having an affair before the divorce, it is unlikely that it would factor into the final divorce settlement. It is also unlikely that hidden assets are going to be a problem in this case either.

This is because Jeff Bezos is a public figure and information about Amazon would be relatively easy to access if necessary. While the spouse’s of wealthy individuals may ask for support payments, it is not thought to be an issue in the Bezos case. This is because each side will likely have more than enough money to support themselves after the divorce becomes final.

In a high-asset divorce, it is not uncommon for the parties involved to settle as opposed to going to trial as a judge’s ruling may be hard to predict. However, legal counsel may represent an individual either during a trial or during settlement talks. Forensic accountants, financial planners and other professionals might also be an integral part of a divorce team. These individuals may work alongside an attorney to obtain a favorable outcome for a person getting divorced.