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Arizona divorce: Marital problems that often prompt it

by | Aug 3, 2019 | Divorce |

If you browse current self-help book lists, you’d likely find hundreds, if not thousands of choices related to marriage. No two Arizona married couples have exactly the same relationships, but many spouses can relate to other people’s experiences. You may have a relative, friend or co-worker who has recently gone through or is currently preparing for divorce. If you talk to them about their situations, you may find that certain issues were problem factors in their marriages.

Regardless of whether you’ve been married five, 10 or even 30 years, at any given time you might encounter challenges in your relationship. Whether you’re able to resolve a particular problem and move on together depends on various issues. If you determine that a particular problem has caused irreparable damage in your marriage, you may be one of many who decide to file for divorce in an Arizona court. In such circumstances, it helps to have a strong support network in place.

Infidelity is a problem in many marriages

While some couples are able to rise above the damage that an extra marital affair causes in their relationships, others are not able to withstand the stress. Many Arizona spouses who file for divorce often cite infidelity as a causal factor toward the breakdown in their marital relationships.

Money problems that won’t go away

Not only does a serious financial crisis sometimes cause significant problems in a marriage, arguing about money can be just as stressful as actual financial problems. You and your spouse might be financially stable; however, if you constantly fight about money, it can place a heavy strain on your marriage.

Arguing about kids is a common factor in divorce, as well

It’s understandable that you and your spouse may not always agree when it comes to making decisions regarding your children. You might be more laid back as a parent whereas your spouse is typically a strict disciplinarian. Such issues aren’t necessarily a problem if you’re both willing to cooperate and compromise as necessary.

However, child-related issues are indeed common factors in many Arizona divorces. If you believe your spouse is an unfit parent because of a substance abuse issue or some other problem, it can definitely have a permanent, negative effect on your marriage. Even if both of you are good parents, if you never agree about child-rearing, you may ultimately decide it’s better to set up separate households.

Other issues and places to seek support

Health problems, job-related issues or even problems pertaining to extended family members can have a significant impact on your marriage. If you determine that you would rather file for divorce than stay in an unhappy marriage, it’s good to know that there are many support resources available to help you and your children move on in life.

It’s helpful to speak to others who can relate to what you’re going through, such as a trusted friend or family member, a community faith leader, or even an attorney who is well-versed in family law issues.