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Understanding child custody and temporary guardianships

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Child Custody |

Every child custody case in Arizona is different with its own unique challenges. The key is to ensure the child’s best interests are served. In some instances, the child will be turned over to a temporary guardian. Understanding temporary guardianship is key.

There are many reasons why a temporary guardianship might be needed. If a parent must travel for work, needs a medical procedure or has issues that must be addressed, a guardianship will place the child in the care of a responsible person. First, the need for temporary guardianship must be established. A single parent might need a guardianship. It could also be needed if there is shared custody and there are concerns with the other parent.

Selecting a temporary guardian is essential because that person will have decision-making responsibility. It should be a person who is trusted and shares a comfort level with the child. Once the guardian has been chosen, that person must agree to be the guardian. Some people do not want the responsibility, so it is wise to have a few people in mind. The arrangement itself should be discussed. That will include its duration, how decisions regarding the child will be made, what the parameters are, and if there are special considerations like medications.

Finally, there is a form that must be completed with temporary guardianship. It should be notarized. It is a good idea to have it notarized regardless of specific laws in the state to have that layer of protection. This will let the caregiver make the key decisions while the child is under that person’s guardianship. With child custody issues – including guardianships – legal help might be needed. A law firm experienced in all areas of family law may be able to provide guidance and representation.