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3 myths about child custody

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | Child Custody, Child Support |

Divorce is an emotional process, and it can be more difficult if you have children. If you have plans to divorce, one of your top concerns may be about custody and how your children will handle the changes in their lives. 

If you have not gone through a divorce before, you may not know exactly how child custody hearings go and what will affect a judge’s placement decision. Here are some of the most common myths about child custody and why they are untrue. 

1. Your children decide where to live

Your children can voice their opinion about which parent they want to live with during a child custody case. However, they do not have the final say about who they will live with, and the court considers a variety of factors when making this decision. 

2. You can move wherever you want if you have custody

Whether you have partial or full custody, you cannot move wherever you want and take your children with you. If you need to move, you must notify the other parent. A hearing may also occur to determine if this transition is in the best interests of your children. 

3. You do not have to pay child support if you do not have custody

The National Conference of State Legislatures states that child support is a type of funding paid to support a child by a parent who does not have full custody. Even if you give up rights to your children, you will likely have to pay child support still and may even have to pay more than if you had maintained some form of custody.