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It may help to tell the teacher about an upcoming divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Divorce |

If you and your spouse are getting divorced this year, you absolutely do not have to tell your child’s teacher. You can keep it to yourself. It’s no one’s business but your own.

That being said, if you’re looking out for your child’s best interests, it can be wise to let the teacher know what is going on at home and in that child’s personal life. Remember that your child spends the entire day with his or her teacher, so being on the same page can help in numerous ways.

Increased resilience

For one thing, some studies have found that children have more resilience when the teacher knows about the divorce. The teacher acts as a support system for them. You know that this change is going to have a negative impact on your child as they learn to adapt to their new reality. Most children do get through this period and thrive, living happy lives after divorce. But having the teacher in the loop can help reach this goal sooner.

You or your child may have to miss things

Divorce can make your schedule a bit busier and more complex than it was before. Are you going to miss things like parent-teacher conferences because you have a court date? Are you and your spouse going to attend things separately because you’re no longer together, even before the divorce is finalized? Is your child going to have to miss events they would have attended before? During this stage in your life, you may want the teacher to understand why this is happening.

The teacher can help the child succeed

Teachers understand that home life challenges can have an impact on performance in the classroom. Rest assured, though, that both you and the teacher want your child to thrive. When the teacher knows about these challenges, they can address them specifically to help keep academic performance at the highest possible level. You’re all in this together.

Working on a divorce

If you’re at this stage in the process, where divorce is finally coming together, it’s important to understand not just the practical side of things, but also the legal steps you’ll need to take.