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Rapper’s child support request isn’t so ludacris

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Child Support |

Not everyone is a fan of rap music; nor is everyone a fan of the Fast and Furious movie serious. Those who are likely recognize the face and sounds of celebrity Ludacris (or Chris Bridges). He’s had various radio hits and appears in multiple F&F films.

Currently, he has made the headlines not due to his career achievements but because of a family law issue that parents in Arizona deal with every day. Ludacris is making what he believes is a reasonable child support request.

Though the “What’s Your Fantasy” rapper might fantasize about making millions a month, he claims that his real income just isn’t quite there. He recently fathered a child and has filed papers claiming that the child support should be capped to match how much money he claims to be bringing in.

Ludacris claims to make about $26,000 a month on average. If his child support matter were occurring here in Arizona, a statutory formula would be applied to determine the amount of child support a child is owed. The following are some of the details that Arizona child support decisions hinge upon:

  • Combined incomes of parents (pre-tax)
  • Children’s health insurance cost
  • Daycare costs
  • Education costs
  • Impact other children might have on parties’ incomes

These are just some of a long list of what can be complex factors in Arizona child support cases. Of utmost importance, no matter what, is that parents and the state serve the well-being of children. A family law attorney can help parents try to work toward a best-case child support scenario for all involved.

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