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Representing Parents In Child Support Cases

Determining child support is a key component of almost every family law case. In Arizona, child support is based on a statutory formula. The formula is based upon:

  • The gross incomes of both parents (before tax income).
  • The cost of health insurance for the children and who pays it.
  • The cost of daycare and who pays it.
  • Whether either party has any other children for whom they pay support or who are in their primary care.
  • Each parent’s share of custody and visitation The number of visitation days awarded to the non-custodial parent.
  • The amount of spousal support paid and received
  • The number of children each parent is responsible for supporting.
  • There may be other factors that occasionally are considered such as whether there are extra education costs, there is a special needs child, or the parents have divided custody.

Analyzing Financial Records in Detail

While many child support cases are relatively straightforward, the primary area that can become particularly complicated is calculating the income of a party who is self-employed, earns money from investments or rental property, or has irregular income for any other reason.

With the skills learned from my MBA with a finance emphasis and LL.M. (post law master’s degree) in taxation I have gained particular insight into what it takes to accurately establish someone’s income. Coupled with years of analyzing tax returns, bank statements, and other financial reports, I can find income that may be hidden or mischaracterized.

Underemployed or Unemployed

Another potential area of complication occurs when a parent is intentionally unemployed or underemployed. In these cases, a court may attribute income to the unemployed or underemployed parent.

I am experienced at helping clients establish appropriate child support obligations through negotiations or litigation. I am familiar with all of the factors that are relevant to the guidelines as well as the legal standards that can be used to make adjustments from the guidelines.

Post Decree Modifications and Enforcement Lawyer

I am also able to counsel and represent parents involved in child support modification and enforcement disputes after a child support order has been issued. Whatever your child support issue, you can benefit from the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer.

If you are concerned about getting a fair child support determination, contact me at my Tempe office for a phone consultation.