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A lawyer can be helpful in child support disputes

by | May 19, 2017 | Child Support |

Many residents of Tempe, Arizona and the greater Phoenix metro area may have the notion that if the only family law issue they are dealing with is child support, then they really do not need an attorney’s help. Child support calculations are pretty streamlined these days, and there are many resources available through the state when it comes to enforcement.

It is true that calculating child support is relatively straightforward in many cases. However, there are certain issues that can emerge in which an Arizona lawyer is of valuable assistance. In this respect, our law office is in a uniquely good position to help, since Mr. Schultz himself has considerable education and experience with financial as well as legal matters.

One example in which a lawyer can help is calculating the income of a parent who does not have a regular job but does own his or her own business. In these cases, getting prior paychecks which will give a good idea of how much a parent makes is not possible, and, instead, a parent or the parent’s attorney will have to wade through financial statements and other documents in order to get an accurate picture of how much income the other parent is bringing home.

This calls for skill in analyzing financial reports as well as keen attention to detail, as it is very easy for a parent who wants to be unscrupulous to try and hide or understate his or her income via a maze of hard-to-understand financial information.

Some child support cases are not simply a matter of going to the court and getting order but instead require both legal and financial experience and general know-how. In these sorts of cases, our office stands ready to lend its expertise.