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What to know when preparing for a child support hearing

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Child Support |

Facing an upcoming child support hearing might seem like a stressful situation. However, keeping a few things in mind may actually help prevent unwanted outcomes. While Arizona courts may follow certain state child support guidelines, they also count on facts specific to each case.

All parties involved in a child support hearing need to be completely honest when reporting any information to the courts. Judges expect absolute truth from everyone in order to make fair and informed decisions. If the court suspects a dishonest attempt at manipulation by either party, this could make it difficult for the judge to remain unbiased and impartial.

Even though a child support situation may seem overwhelming, it’s vital for both parties to be aware of everything about a case. Attorneys and the court systems may reach out to participants by mail, and there will likely be action required, such as forms to complete or questions to be answered. When action is required, it’s important to meet deadlines.

On the day of the hearing, participants should arrive early and be prepared to only discuss child support. It is much easier to relax and order the mind before the hearing begins when no one is rushed. Child custody and visitation issues will not be discussed at a child support hearing.

It is helpful for the parties on both sides of a child support hearing to be realistic. Once the facts are presented and the judge weighs all angles of the situation, a ruling will be made. As with any issue regarding parenting, the courts keep the best interests of the child in mind when determining support awards. Attorneys practicing family law may help explain and sort out the facts as they relate to child support cases.