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Both parents need to be in a child’s life

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Child Custody |

Even if a parent in Arizona has full custody of a child, he or she can’t just cut the other parent out. Instead, it is that person’s responsibility to make sure the child has relationships with both parents if it is safe. Failure to do so could lead to a judge rescinding an original custody order or otherwise modifying it.

Parents are discouraged from saying bad things about the other parent in front of a child. This could result in the child being hesitant to want to spend time with the noncustodial mother or father. Parents are also not allowed to interfere with the relationship between the child and his or her other parent. This is true even if that person is a celebrity. Recently, Angelina Jolie was ordered to provide the cellphone numbers of the six children she and Brad Pitt raised together.

She was also ordered not to read the text messages that the children and their father sent to each other. Custody orders are created with the goal of meeting the interests of the child. If an order fails to meet that goal, it will be changed to reflect what is in the child’s best interest. Ultimately, the parent who is best suited to raise the child will get custody regardless of how long it takes to make that determination.

In a child custody case, the best interest of the child comes before the wishes of the parents. Therefore, both parents may be granted custody or visitation rights if that helps the child develop into a productive member of society. Those who are struggling to see or interact with their children despite an order allowing them to do so may benefit from speaking with a family law attorney.