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Parenting together after a divorce

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Child Custody |

Parents in Phoenix who choose to divorce may wonder about how they can best forge a new co-parenting relationship with their former spouses. Their romantic relationship has come to an end and they have decided to separate, but in most cases, both parents are very driven to maintain their relationship with their children. The kids may be going back and forth from one home to another, and parents will continue to need to make decisions together even after their marriage is over.

Co-parenting relationships can look different for different families. However, by keeping some tips in mind, parents can help to support a stable, loving environment for their children after divorce in both of their parents’ homes.

One of the key principles of successful co-parenting is putting the children first. While it is easy for former spouses to give into resentment, the children did not choose to be part of the divorce. Therefore, both parents have to put their personal issues aside for the sake of the children. This means not badmouthing the child’s other parent or his or her new romantic partner, especially to the child. People need an outlet to confide in like a friend or therapist, but the children should never be the parents’ outlet for venting. In some cases, it may be best for a divorced parent to stay silent or momentarily spend time alone in order to avoid an angry confrontation.

There are many different ways in which parents can handle child custody and parenting time after a divorce. In some cases, sole custody with visitation may be a good choice while joint custody is the best option in other cases. A family law attorney may work closely with a divorcing parent on a range of issues, including developing an appropriate agreement on child support, custody and other key issues.