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How parallel parenting can help children

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2018 | Child Custody |

Parenting after a divorce can be a challenge for those living in Arizona or anywhere else. This is because some people cannot get along with their former spouses after a marriage ends. However, it is more important that they get along with their children even if they can’t make a relationship work with each other. A situation in which parents have relationships with their children while avoiding each other is called parallel parenting.

It is likely necessary for parents to communicate with each other on occasion after divorce. For those who truly can’t communicate with each other, it may be best to create an agreement that they can rely on to answer questions or resolve disputes. At a minimum, parents should have respect for one another and make it a point to not interfere with the relationship that person has with a son or daughter.

If conflict does arise, it should not happen in front of the children. If a child witnesses adults arguing or fighting, it can have a negative long-term impact on his or her development. After a divorce, parents should realize that they don’t have total control over how the other raises the child. They should also realize that parenting plans may need to change as the child gets older and has evolving needs and desires.

In child custody proceedings, the best interest of the child is paramount. Parents may need to be willing to compromise as it relates to who gets custody or other rights to the child. An attorney may help parents create a custody plan that is based on state law and the facts of a given case. This may make it possible to create a plan that both the parents and children can live with.