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Solving common co-parenting conflicts

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Child Custody |

Even when parents divorce on fairly amicable terms in Arizona, there’s always the potential for co-parenting conflicts to arise. Disagreements sometimes involve differing parenting styles while other issues are more serious in nature. No matter what’s at the heart of parenting conflicts, parents no longer living together as a legal couple are encouraged to keep the best interests of their children in mind.

Disagreements over parenting time may be avoided if both parents agree to a formal parenting plan that’s periodically updated. For times when an ex uses a child as a go-between, conflicts may be avoided with a direct meeting at a neutral location to discuss issues. Some parents also overcompensate for a divorce by excessively spoiling children. This can create a co-parenting conflict if the other parent doesn’t have the financial resources to offer the same amenities.

Behavior like this may be minimized with a calm, honest discussion. This approach to problem solving may also work if there are disagreements over homework routines and discipline. For instances when a parent is pressuring their ex into going along with any requests they might have about co-parenting arrangements, it’s sometimes possible for both parties to redefine their boundaries. This may also be an effective way to deal with a situation where one parent is micromanaging the other one by attempting to control their actions.

If arguments over child custody are becoming more frequent for a divorced parent, an attorney may suggest requesting an appropriate child support agreement modification. With situations where a child feels neglected by one parent, a lawyer might recommend considering adjustments to visitation schedules if timing is the main reason for the lack of attention. Legal intervention is also typically recommended if one parent literally attempts to bully the other one into giving into co-parenting demands with threats of violence or harm.