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Parents can’t always work together

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Child Custody |

Ideally, parents in Arizona and throughout the country will work together to raise their children after a divorce. However, this is not always possible. For example, if a parent has a substance abuse issue, it may be difficult for that person to be present or to behave in a consistent manner. If an individual has made threats against another person or an animal, it may not be possible for that person to be a good parent to a son or daughter.

The same may be true if one parent has a restraining order against the other. This typically indicates that a parent or child could be harmed if either person is allowed to be in the presence of the individual who is subject to the order.

When a parent abandons or neglects a child, it typically shows that he or she is not interested in having a relationship with that child. Therefore, it may be difficult for the other parent to justify working with the disinterested party. In some cases, parents simply aren’t able to work together. This could be because of an inability to communicate or other reasons that they may or may not be able to control. When parents can’t put their own feelings aside, it could be best to have parallel relationships with their child.

When making a child custody ruling, a judge will need to consider the best interests of the child. Typically, parents will be given the opportunity to work together to raise a son or daughter. However, if this is not possible, parents will generally be given custody based on their ability to provide a stable and safe upbringing. An attorney may be able to help a parent show a court that they meet or exceed this standard.