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The deadbeat label shouldn’t apply to everyone

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Child Support |

Parents in Arizona who fall behind on child support payments may not be doing so on purpose. However, they may still be labeled a deadbeat by the state or by others who don’t fully understand why they aren’t keeping up with their financial obligations. It is important to note that individuals of either gender could fail to make child support payments or otherwise make an effort to raise their children.

Those who are struggling to make their child support payments could ask to modify their current support orders. The amount of a support payment is largely determined by a parent’s income. Therefore, if an individual experiences a loss of income, it may be reasonable to pay less to a custodial parent each month. Failing to make at least partial payments could result in spending time in jail or not being able to get a passport.

The government may also take state or federal refunds and apply that money toward any back support owed. Parents who owe back child support could have their wages garnished or unemployment benefits seized to offset some or all of their outstanding balances. While it may be frustrating to not receive support payments on time, custodial parents can’t restrict visitation rights as a form of retribution. This is because the courts see child support and child custody as two separate issues.

Parents who owe child support are generally required to pay that amount in full. However, in some cases, payment plans or other forms of amnesty may be available. It may be possible to modify a current order to make it easier to keep up with future child support payments. An individual might be able to use pay stubs or other information to verify his or her current monthly or yearly income.