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Helping children cope with divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Child Custody |

Once parents have decided to end their marriage, their most pressing concern is often the well-being of their children. Many parents rightly worry that their decision to divorce will negatively impact the lives of their children.

The good news is that divorce doesn’t have to be a horrible experience for children if their parents handle their feelings appropriately. Children are most often worried about how a divorce will change their daily experiences. By addressing their fears directly and always considering the best interests of the children, parents in Arizona can be assured that their children will emerge from a divorce with a better outcome.

Parents need to reassure their children that they can have a close relationship with each parent without hurting the other parent’s feelings regardless of how the parents have decided to share child custody. Additionally, children want to understand where they will be spending their time and that they won’t have to forego their favorite holiday traditions, so a parenting time calendar can be helpful. Whenever possible, it’s best if parents can get along well enough that both can attend the children’s special events, including birthdays, sports games and recitals. It will be good practice for down the road when weddings and grandchildren come along.

Finally, parents should make sure their children know that nothing they did led to the breakup of the marriage. When children understand that their parent’s relationship is out of their control, it alleviates any feelings of guilt they may secretly harbor. Deciding on a parenting plan that takes into account the physical and emotional health of the children is perhaps the most important task of divorcing parents. An experienced attorney may be of assistance when working out all of the issues that arise during a divorce, including child custody, visitation and support.