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What happens if you stop meeting your child support obligations?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2021 | Child Support |

Many noncustodial parents disagree with the way their co-parent uses child support funds. Some see their co-parents spend this money on extravagant personal items, luxury vacations or even drugs and alcohol. Often, these parents want to stop paying child support to deter the other parent from misusing child support.

Although understandable, you should never give in to the urge to stop paying child support, even if you replace these payments with gifts to your kids. The court ordered you to pay child support. If you stop meeting this obligation, the state of Arizona has many ways to punish you for nonpayment.

How does Arizona enforce child support?

All states use multiple methods to enforce a parent’s child support responsibilities, including Arizona. If you stop paying, the state can:

  • Seize your bank accounts
  • Place liens on your property (real estate, cars, etc.)
  • Report you to credit bureaus
  • Intercept funds, such as lottery winnings, tax refunds, workers compensation and unemployment payments
  • Deny you a passport
  • Suspend your driver’s and professional licenses
  • File a court action, which could land you in jail

If you have a problem with your child support order, it is much better to seek a legal solution instead of addressing the matter alone. Working with a experienced attorney can help you avoid the nonpayment consequences discussed above.  Proper guidance can also aid you in finding a long-term solution that will not harm your children.

For example, if you suspect your co-parent is misusing your support funds, an attorney can help you present your concerns to the court. In turn, the court can investigate the matter and resolve it in a way that protects you, your kids and your finances.