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Support enforcement: what Child Support Services can do

Tax season is upon us. When it comes to filing taxes, there seem to be two camps: those who file their returns well before the April 15 deadline and those who are currently in the process of getting their tax information together. Regardless of when you file for taxes, if you have overdue child support payments, the Arizona Division of Child Support Services (DCCS) can "intercept State Income Tax Refunds".

Delivery room debate: fathers banned from seeing birth?

The discussion of fathers’ rights often centers around custody issues and paternity disputes. Parents who are unmarried may deal with complicated legal issues as they try to figure out parenting rights and schedules. But sometimes, the disputes begin even before the child is born.

Oil billionaire's assets counted as separate property in divorce

In Arizona, when a married couple gets divorced, the money each spouse acquired during the marriage and the assets bought with that money fall into the category of community property. Such property can be divided between the spouses in a divorce settlement. Property that either spouse acquired before the marriage is known as separate property, which is generally not divisible in divorce.

Study looks at divorce as trauma that impacts children's health

When thinking about a divorce, parents often consider how it will impact their children. The biggest question revolves around the custody agreement. Will the parents share custody or will one parent be the primary custodial parent? And despite the contentious battles that are in the news, many custody decisions are made with the children’s best interests in mind.

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