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Establishing Parents’ Rights And Responsibilities

Under the laws of Arizona, a child born to unmarried parents has the same rights to care and support from both parents as any other child. However, an unmarried father is not legally recognized as having any rights until paternity is established. Establishing paternity is typically a straightforward legal process, although it does requires court action.

Establishing Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities

In most cases where a child is born to unmarried parents, the paternity of the child is not in dispute, and the father’s name is acknowledged on the birth certificate. However, even where paternity is undisputed and the father signs the birth certificate, an unmarried father does not have any rights until he legally establishes paternity.

I represent fathers who want to see their children and participate in their upbringing, as well as mothers seeking child support and active participation from their children’s fathers.

I have represented many unmarried parents seeking to establish custody and parenting time rights as well as child support. In cases where an alleged father disputes a child’s paternity, I am experienced at pursuing DNA testing in order to establish the whether the alleged father is the actual father of the child.

Once a paternity case is finalized, it may be necessary to establish a father’s child support obligations, as well as custody and parenting time arrangements. I am able to represent both mothers and fathers in cases involving modification or enforcement of child custody and support orders.

Choosing a Lawyer Who Meets Your Needs

In many ways, a paternity case is similar to a divorce case, although it does not contain the elements of property division or alimony. However, the fact that fathers have no legal rights or obligations until paternity cases are concluded can make these cases more urgent.

I’m attorney Matthew Schultz, and I represent unmarried fathers and mothers seeking child custody, visitation and support rights in paternity cases. I will carefully go over the facts of your case with you, explain what you can expect based on my experience, and help you choose a strategic approach to pursuing the results you are looking for. Contact my Tempe office to discuss your options.