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Holding Parties Accountable After A Divorce

Is your ex behind on child support or alimony payments? Are you being prevented from seeing your children during scheduled visitation times? Are you not getting to speak to your children while they are in the care of the other parent? Is your child’s other parent making important decisions without consulting you? If so, you may have enforcement options.

Child Support and Alimony Enforcement Cases

Both child support and spousal maintenance are money amounts legally owed by one person to another. If one party is not meeting their legal obligations, these orders can be enforced with the help of the courts. A variety of enforcement options are available, up to and including having the other party incarcerated. Our judges take these particular matters seriously. While they understand short term problems, chronic non-payers are shown no mercy.

If your ex is not living up to his or her child support or alimony obligations, or if you have been charged or sued on allegations of unpaid support, I can help.

When it comes to child support, hiring a lawyer can often drastically speed up the enforcement process. Attempting to enforce child support through Arizona state agencies often takes more than a year, while private enforcement could take only a matter of months.

I understand how important it is that you and your children get the support you are owed, as well as the importance of treating people fairly when they are accused of being behind on their support obligations.

Enforcing Your Custody and Visitation Rights Here, Nationally and Internationally

Child custody and visitation arrangements are also legally binding court orders that can be enforced. If the other party is not letting you see your children or is keeping them beyond the scheduled visitation periods, I can explain your options, including police enforcement; and get you quickly into court to re-establish visitation or obtain make-up time.

Because of today’s mobile society, you may also need to seek child custody enforcement across state and national borders. A complex set of law governs national and international custody and parenting time disputes. I am experienced at representing clients in cases involving interstate custody disputes and international child abduction cases known as Hague Convention cases.

I am attorney Matthew Schultz. I help clients enforce their rights after a divorce or other family law matter has concluded. To get skilled legal advice and aggressive representation when it comes to post-divorce enforcement of your rights and your ex’s obligations, contact me today.