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Holding Parties Accountable After A Divorce

Is your ex behind on child support or alimony payments? Are you being prevented from seeing your children during scheduled visitation times? Are you not getting to speak to your children while they are in the care of the other parent? Is your child’s other parent making important decisions without consulting you? If so, you may have enforcement options.

Child Support and Alimony Enforcement Cases

Both child support and spousal maintenance are money amounts legally owed by one person to another. If one party is not meeting their legal obligations, these orders can be enforced with the help of the courts. A variety of enforcement options are available, up to and including having the other party incarcerated. Our judges take these particular matters seriously. While they understand short term problems, chronic non-payers are shown no mercy.

If your ex is not living up to his or her child support or alimony obligations, or if you have been charged or sued on allegations of unpaid support, I can help.

When it comes to child support, hiring a lawyer can often drastically speed up the enforcement process. Attempting to enforce child support through Arizona state agencies often takes more than a year, while private enforcement could take only a matter of months.

Problems with paying or receiving support can be stressful. Whether you are not getting the support you are owed, or are unable to pay the support you’ve been ordered to, you are in a bad position. You need skilled legal guidance to assert your rights and ensure that the issue is handled properly.

Enforcing Your Custody and Visitation Rights Here, Nationally and Internationally

Child custody and visitation schedules are reviewed by the courts even when the parties agree to them through negotiation. The courts can and will enforce the provisions of a child custody plan if the parties are not following the guidelines laid out. If your co-parent is violating your rights to custody or access to your children, you need to take action. We can help you find a solution that is in your best interests and in the best interests of your children.

Some custody and visitation disputes extend across state borders or into other countries. The rules involved in these cross-border disputes can be complicated. You need a family law attorney with experience in interstate custody disputes to protect you. If your child has been taken without your consent to another country, this is known as international child abduction. These cases involve an international agreement known as the Hague Convention. Our firm has the skill and experience to represent you in these difficult circumstances.

I am attorney Matthew Schultz. I help clients enforce their rights after a divorce or other family law matter has concluded. To get skilled legal advice and aggressive representation when it comes to post-divorce enforcement of your rights and your ex’s obligations, contact me today.