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Father with "below-average" IQ gets custody rights reinstated

For some fathers, the termination of custody rights is a conscious decision by the father. But for others, it is the result of a court order. But what recourse does a father have to get back those rights? It may seem like a difficult task, but for a father who desperately wants to have contact with his children, it’s worth it.

Will notification of relocation be required for divorce parents?

In the beginning of this year, a bill was introduced by an Arizona Senator to the Legislature that addressed the issue of custody and relocation. For parents who are divorced, this bill would require a parent who is moving more than 10 miles to notify the other of the relocation. There are exceptions to the requirement, such as in circumstances of domestic abuse.

Ways to make property division a bit less complicated

The decision to get a divorce is not often an easy one. It’s an emotional decision for many, and one that will have many different implications. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the process but there are a few ways to help make things a little less complicated.

Raising a child post divorce requires intentional co-parenting

A previous post discussed a recent debate centered on child custody decisions, specifically which parent should be awarded primary custody. Figuring out the co-parenting schedule can seem like the most challenging part of a custody dispute, but what happens after the agreement is signed and in place?

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