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A QDRO is valuable with retirement assets in a divorce

Arizona couples that have decided to end a marriage will have a multitude of concerns as the case moves forward. For couples who have retirement assets to worry about, it is important that the participants know everything they can about a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or QDRO. This is a tool in deciding how the couple will split the retirement assets.

Aggressive legal help in an Arizona high-asset divorce

Any Arizona divorce can be difficult, with many issues in dispute and disagreements from start to finish. Since the couple is deciding to move forward with the end of a marriage, there were clearly inherent problems to spark the parting of the ways. While any divorce can be tough, a divorce in which there is real estate, significant marital property and substantial assets can be even more complicated. This is when it is may be advisable to consider what kind of attorney may be suitable to provide guidance and assistance from the beginning of the process all the way to the end.

Federal and employment remedies for delinquent child support

Arizona parents who are ordered to pay child support are obligated to make their payments on time and in full. This is not a method of punishing the parent, but it is to ensure that the child is cared for. There are, however, methods of punishment that are used when the supporting parent is guilty of being delinquent in payments.

How can a man become a legal father in Arizona?

In general, when a child is born, there is usually little doubt about the identity of the mother. After all, she must be present at the child's birth. Fathers, on the other hand, aren't always present, for a variety of reasons. It is possible for a man to not know he was involved in a pregnancy, or to have the child's mother not want him involved. Even if a father is there when a child is born, unless the parents are married, he will not legally be considered the father until paternity is established.

Important considerations to keep in mind in a high-asset divorce

Divorce is oftentimes a challenging process for a variety of reasons, including emotional challenges associated with the process, but a high-asset divorce can add elements of complexity to the divorce process other divorcing couples may not experience. Understanding the financial aspect of any divorce is important to arriving at a fair settlement that is best for both parties moving forward but small financial mistakes in a high-asset divorce can be particularly costly moving forward.

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