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Overview of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines

Like many other states, Arizona has a set of Child Support Guidelines which Arizona courts will use to calculate how much child support one parent will pay to the other. Although the amount called for under the guidelines will almost always apply to the parent without custody, in certain case, a parent with custody may also wind up paying child support.

When can I ask for supervised visitation?

Many residents of Tempe and other parts of the Phoenix metro area who follow the trends in family law at all may realize that, these days, courts and family law experts favor setups where two parents who are living in separate households share parenting time as much as they possibly can. This trend may give some parents in the middle of child custody cases pause to ask for supervised visitation, even if they have good grounds to do so, simply because they do not want to look bad in front of the court.

Courts may "impute" income for child support purposes

A previous post on this blog discussed what all counts as income when it comes to figuring out how much child support an Arizona mother or father is going to have to pay. How much income each parent makes is often a difficult question to answer since, in many cases, figuring out how much income a person makes is more than just looking at a person's paycheck. For example, many Tempe residents do not earn the same income week after week but instead work jobs in which income varies.

What counts as income when calculating child support?

Like other states, Arizona relies heavily on each parent's income when it comes to calculating how much child support a parent will have to pay. What Tempe residents might not realize, however, is just how broad the definition of "income" is in the context child support. The definition is so broad, in fact, that a person may wind up having income counted for child support purposes even though it would not have to appear on a person's tax returns.

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