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What are the basics of child support in Arizona?

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Child Support |

When couples in Arizona are going through a divorce, child support can be one of the issues that causes the most concern. The reason is clear: child support can be a significant financial obligation for the non-custodial parent, and it can be a significant source of funds for the parent whom the child will be living with.

So, what are the basics of child support in Arizona? Well, for starters, it is important for our readers to understand why child support is ordered to begin with. In the eyes of the state, child support is essential so that children in Arizona can have their needs met, from all perspectives, such as food, shelter, clothing, education and entertainment. The state also seeks to ensure that child support orders are maintained, and that parents who are ordered to pay child support do so consistently.

The first – and most important – step when it comes to child support in Arizona is determining the income for the parent who will be paying child support. This is important because, not only must the child in question receive needed support, but the parent must also have the funds needed to maintain their own lifestyle. Child support obligations should not be so burdensome that the non-custodial parent can’t meet their own needs.

From there, the court will look at the child’s needs and determine a monthly amount of child support that must be paid. Every case is different, which is why no two child support orders will be the same. For parents who are going through a divorce in Arizona, it can be beneficial to seek more information about how child support will be calculated in their own unique circumstances.