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High-asset divorce and expert witnesses

by | Mar 27, 2019 | High-Asset Divorce |

Depending on the details, different divorces in Arizona require different strategies. Some high-asset separations may require going to court and seeking witnesses. These individuals are often deemed “experts” who can provide important testimony on a contested issue.

For example, a high-asset divorce involving child custody may require input from a psychologist. This expert could make professional recommendations to the court about a child’s welfare. The psychologist may have several meetings with the child and the parents in order to make the right decision about the child’s future. In a high-asset divorce involving assets or business-related funds, a family law attorney may require the testimony of a forensic accountant. A forensic accountant looks at the financial data and offers a professional opinion.

Some divorces benefit from the testimonies offered by several expert witnesses. However, these witnesses may charge large fees for their services. A couple planning to file for a high-asset divorce should ask the divorce lawyer about these additional costs. A family law attorney will also advise the couple about the pros and cons to consider prior to calling in an expert witness.

Money can cause a variety of problems for a couple seeking a divorce. Dividing assets and property can be particularly contentious for many high-net-worth partners. However, an experienced divorce lawyer can create a strategy that protects the best interests of the client and their children. Securing the right living conditions for a child, along with dividing assets in an amicable manner, can help one cope with the complicated issues of a high-asset divorce.